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Here at New York Star Club, our classes are split by ages and interests. We have three different age groups, and each group is based on a different point in the formation of a star in the night sky: 

Our youngest group is called Protostar and this includes ages 5 to 9. The protostar refers to an early stage in the evolution of a star, our objective is to build confidence and developmental skills through energetic song, games, and dance. 


Our next group is called Tauristar and it includes children ages 10-14. Tauristar is when a star is still in the earliest stages of formation. In our tauristar classes, we will be focused on building confidence and teaching life skills through method acting, focused discussions, monologue training, voice training, movement, and audition preparation. 

Sunstars are the biggest in the solar system. Our sunstars range in age from 15 to 18 years old. Sunstars will experience method acting training, stage training, monologue training, audition preparation, and how to approach and breakdown dramatic text. 

We also offer private acting and vocal coaching for all ages. These offer more personalized monologue and audition training. In our vocal coachings, your star will learn how to sing like a rockstar, learning vocal exercises, breathing techniques, and stage presence along the way. ​

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